Jessie Jones

Brief Bio.

Jessie Jones (Master C & J) was the music buyer at Loop Records in downtown Chicago where all the DJs from Chicago and the surrounding area suburbs would go to purchase the latest Imports, music from New York, and from Chicago. It was the headquarters for House Music and Jessie was pumping out thousands of records out of the store because of his unique ears breaking hit records around the world.

Our roots are from Chicago and it all started with the first song Mind Games, by Quest (Jessie Jones, Carl Bias, and Liz Torres) in the studio just playing around and vocalist, Liz Torres based the lyrics on a real life story between the two who were dating at the time.

Later on Quest changed to Master C & J and we were the first diverse House Music band that toured worldwide. The band/production team always consisted with Black, White and Latino musicians, vocalists and DJs.

His unique record labels brought a new sound to the underground nightclub world which he was co-owner of the Record Labels, State Street Records and Streetside Records and the publishing company Face it Music Publishing with the complete Master C & J  and Liz Torres catalog. He also had one of the #1 stage performance around the world with made Master C & J and Liz Torres so unique. The shows was different from any other artist, which was very entertaining. Watching one of the shows makes you go out and purchase the music of Master C & J and Liz Torres.

So if you like House music this is why you should know your history of Master C & J and Liz Torres.

Acknowledgment goes to New York, Chicago and Djs around the world. So now come into our House and experience the Master C & J Sound!